Clinical Oncology in the South and Southwest

Clinical Oncology is best served by your own increased levels of vigilance. Being aware of signs and symptoms of different types of cancer is one way of helping to reduce your risk and detect cancers early.

Awareness and screening programs are important elements in the fight against cancer, increasing the detection rate, making early detection more likely and encouraging preventative lifestyle measures. National screening programs do not exist for all cancers. This is for a number of reasons but mainly because of the potential for unnecessary anxiety to the patient and the potential harm screening may cause. In developing screening programs oncology hospitals in Plymouth and the South have carefully assessed the potential harms and benefits to the local population and have in place a number of resources and projects.

Keeping germs out of modern day hospitals both private and NHS

When it comes to ensuring that hospitals are kept germ free, one important factor is the laundry; the physical cleaning of sheets and pillow cases and ensuing that the process is as sanitary and hygiene effective as possible especially when dealing with the unwell.

With advances in technology heavy duty washers and dryers can make the entire process as fast and as economical as possible allowing for time and financial savings across the NHS.

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