Keeping Fit

Our weight loss programme contains a complete patient pack which will provide you with information about the service, as well as the paperwork which you will need to bring to your consultations with you.

The programme

  • Aims to assist and support its clients in losing weight, through delivery of a personalised programme of diet and lifestyle changes by our dietician.
  • The programme of consultations has been designed to address the causes of weight gain, being overweight and obesity, as well as to formulate personalised aims, fitness plans and action points.
  • A food diary - this will need to be completed regularly to monitor what food and drink have been consumed.


You will have the opportunity to have a look through this pack before your initial consultation with the Dietician. If you have any questions regarding any of the items included in this pack or the how the programme is run, these can be addressed during your initial consultation, as well as any discussion about general body treatments.

Group classes

Weekly group sessions in the form of classes dealing with specific classes will also be held for patients to maintain their weight. This can be used as an independent programme on its own or a maintenance programme to follow on from a weight management they have taken, whether it has been with the dietician, doctor or following med contour, or a surgical procedure.

Ours is truly a unique programme which covers the entire gambit of weight management and is designed to have a programme for everybody, no matter what their difficulties with their weight has bee. We aim not only to identify the causes of their weight gain, and treat this, but also assist in keeping that weight off.

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